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Master 2 Atmospheric Environment

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SAGE (Mines Douai)
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Examples of previous internship topics

  • Effect of photochemical ageing on the hygroscopic properties of sea salt/organic single particles
  • Chemical and physical characterization of fine particles generated by road traffic from brake, clutch and tire abrasion
  • Changes on pollen grains induced by O3 and NO2
  • Study of I2 interactions with inorganic aerosols using molecular modelling tools
  • Study of the reactivity of CH3O2 radicals by laser photolyse coupled to Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy CRDS
  • Kinetic modeling of the combustion of biofuels
  • Source apportionment of gaseous and particulate pollutants at an urban and industrial area in Northern France
  • Isoprene oxidation in contact with TiO2 photocatalyst and synthetic mineral dusts
  • Investigation of the kinetics of ozonolysis of unsaturated oxygenated compounds
  • Water Interaction with Mineral Dust Aerosol: Investigating how Particle Size and Porosity Impact the Hygroscopic properties of Dust
  • Unrevealing the internal mixing of BC-containing particles by the combined use of TEM-EDX and Raman microspectrometry
  • Investigation of individual pollen grains and their nanoparticulate matter content by single particle analysis under controlled humidity
  • Interaction between gaseous iodine species and aerosols in the atmosphere in case of a severe nuclear power plant accident
  • Role of the resonantly stabilized radicals in the formation of the first aromatic rings
  • Atmospheric Aging Of Organic Particles
  • Kinetic modeling of the combustion of biofuels
  • Study of the reactivity of radical species in atmospheric chemistry
  • Heterogeneous chemistry of gas-phase species with solid alkaline iodide using experimental and theoretical approaches
  • Simulation of atmospheric processing of iron-bearing anthropogenic aerosols
  • Data analysis of fine particulate matter sampled at an urban and industrial area in Northern France
  • Investigation of nucleation thresholds in the ozonolysis of various biogenic volatile organic compounds
  • Determination of rate coefficients for the reactions between ozone and biogenic volatile organic compounds in a laminar flow reactor
  • Characterization of various mineral dusts: morphology, chemical composition and reactivity
  • Characterization of secondary organic aerosol markers for air quality assessment