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Ground rules

In order to join our programs, candidates must follow TWO procedures:

  • 1) an Admission procedure for enrolment in our university (see below)
  • 2) an Application procedure for selection in our programs (first or second year). See Application section.

The admission procedure is mandatory. Without it, you cannot enroll in Lille1 University.


Procedures for admission in the University of Lille

According to your nationality, the country you are living in and your last degree prepared, a specific admission procedure has to be followed:

Students not living in France

  • Non-European students:

    • Non-European students living out of Europe: Campus France procedure (check list of countries)
      If your country does not use the Campus France procedure: e-candidat
    • Non-European students currently studying/living in Europe: e-candidat
  • European students: e-candidat

Students living in France

  • Non-European and European students:

    • Not holding/preparing a French degree: e-candidat
    • Holding/preparing a French degree (Licence, Master): e-candidat
    • Holding/preparing a French degree (other than Licence, Master): e-candidat
  • French students:

    • Studen of the University of Lille: e-candidat
    • Holding/preparing a Licence/Master degree: e-candidat

(Not sure which procedure is yours ? Contact the secretary, indicate nationality, country of residence, last degree)


Campus France: deadlines depend on your nationality. Check your country’s Campus France website.


Read the guide for applicants before you start the process